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  • Guest Speakers

    Our Group has invited the following speakers to attend and give a presentation on the following dates:

    Tuesday, 23rd April – Dave Reid will talk about “Mining Evidences in Fife”
    at 1.45pm for 2.00pm

    Tuesday, 7th May – Sandra Thomson will present “My Jute Journey” 
    at 1.45pm for 2pm

    “Members of the public are welcome”.

    The venue is 
    Benarty Centre,
    Flockhouse Avenue, 
    Ballingry, KY5 8JH.

  • Contacting Issue

    We have had a problem with our website’s contact page which has only come to light tonight.

    When someone sends us a message using the contact page the message is automatically saved on the site and at the same time a message is sent to the administrator to say a new message has been received. The administrator would then deal with the message. Unfortunately we have not been receiving any indications that new messages have been received and subsequently messages have gone unnoticed and some unanswered.

    The fault has now been rectified and the page is now working as it should however there are a lot of messages to go through and there may be a further delay before all messages are read and acted on. So please bear with us for a further short period as we endeavour to answer all messages.
    If you have contacted us and you are expecting a reply and do not receive one within the next two weeks please contact us once more.
    Once again we apologise for this and hope it did not cause anyone too much distress.

    For this we sincerely apologise.

  • New Photos Added

    Hi, some news from BHPG 16 photos have been added to the ‘Recently Added’ page, link below. Thanks to Carol McVicar for the photos of some well know Benarty faces.
    Also many thanks for using the BHPG website.
    Link http://benarty.org.uk/gallery3/index.php/Recently-Added/#img=1

  • New Shop Page


    I hope you are all well and you’re still enjoying using the BHPG site, Benarty.org.uk At BHPG we continually look for ways to develop the site and I bring you news that we have now added a ‘shop’ page. http://benarty.org.uk/?page_id=1665 The page lists a number of BHPG publications that can be purchased and gives details of where to buy these publications.

    Just last month the latest edition of Beneath the Sleeping Giant 2018 was launched. This booklet uses material from the archive of the late Jim Mackie and is available to buy now.

    Thank you very much for using the site and if you have any material, photos, historical items or memories you wish to share with us please contact us through the website contact page.

    Michael at BHPG

  • New Photos

    As a user of Benarty Heritage Preservation Group I’d like to inform you that new photos have been added to the galleries. 23 photos of Auld Shank regulars have been added to the People Gallery while a photo of the Auld Shank has been added to the Ballingry Gallery. These photo come courtesy of Stephanie Faulds.
    If you have any old photos you’d like to share with us then please contact me.
    Many thanks

  • Jim Campbell

    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the death of Jim Campbell, former chairperson of Benarty Heritage Preservation Group. Jim was well known in local history circles and was the man responsible for igniting my passion for local history. He was also the person who supplied most of the material for this website.
    Jim will be missed by his wife, Rosemary, his family and friends.
    RIP Jim