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Census N & S Glencraig


  1. Isobel Smith January 13, 2021

    Please may I have access to the Census of Glencraig – if it is the Glencraig Lochgelly where my grandparents were from.

    My Granmother was Isabella Deary nee Hughes who lived at 102 Glencraig – her Father was James Hughes and Mother Ann Stewart from that address.

    My Grandfather was Joseph Deary of 152 Glencraig. In 1911 he was 22 yrs old.

    He was a miner and she was a coal head worker?

    He had at least one brother Patrick – my Gt Uncle who I knew well and was very fond of, he was a lovely man. He had been involved in I believe a pit accident causing a fracture of his ?Lt leg resulting in shortening of the bone/s . He wore an “iron” on his shoe to raise it about 6″.
    He was exceedingly well read. I was charged with taking his library books to the library to exchange them. The plays of GB Shaw etc. So they may not have had much schooling by comparison with later years but it gave him a love of good literature. His life revolved around his books . He remained single and survived on Pease Brose and tea and was very content with that. My Mother would send me with soups and casseroles and I was sworn not to tell her when he emptied the contents of the containers into the bin for me to take home for “Refill”.

    I would be glad of your help as I suspect there were more family members. I think an Annie Hughes?

    By the time I was born in 1943 the family had moved to Glasgow.

  2. admin January 14, 2021 — Post author

    Hi Isobel
    Thanks for your message.
    The Glencraig Census is a booklet for sale not something you can access through this site. If you want to purchase it please let me know.
    I had a look through the 1911 Census for Glencraig and there isn’t a street called Glencraig there is however a street named South Glencraig. In 1911 the family living in 102 South Glencraig is the O’Hare family. The family living in 152 South Glencraig is the Clarke family. I didn’t find any records for a family named Deary but I did find an Annie Hughes aged 65 and her daughter Sarah, aged 32 living with the Lynch family at 104 South Glencraig. According to the record, Annie was born in Auchterderran and had given birth to 9 children and at the time of the census 5 were still alive. Could this be the relative you seek? Sarah was aged 32 and was born in Edinburgh.

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