• New Shop Page


    I hope you are all well and you’re still enjoying using the BHPG site, Benarty.org.uk At BHPG we continually look for ways to develop the site and I bring you news that we have now added a ‘shop’ page. http://benarty.org.uk/?page_id=1665 The page lists a number of BHPG publications that can be purchased and gives details of where to buy these publications.

    Just last month the latest edition of Beneath the Sleeping Giant 2018 was launched. This booklet uses material from the archive of the late Jim Mackie and is available to buy now.

    Thank you very much for using the site and if you have any material, photos, historical items or memories you wish to share with us please contact us through the website contact page.

    Michael at BHPG

  • New Photos

    As a user of Benarty Heritage Preservation Group I’d like to inform you that new photos have been added to the galleries. 23 photos of Auld Shank regulars have been added to the People Gallery while a photo of the Auld Shank has been added to the Ballingry Gallery. These photo come courtesy of Stephanie Faulds.
    If you have any old photos you’d like to share with us then please contact me.
    Many thanks

  • Jim Campbell

    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the death of Jim Campbell, former chairperson of Benarty Heritage Preservation Group. Jim was well known in local history circles and was the man responsible for igniting my passion for local history. He was also the person who supplied most of the material for this website.
    Jim will be missed by his wife, Rosemary, his family and friends.
    RIP Jim

  • Update

    I hope you are all well.
    I have added some photos to the Recently Added section of the BHPG website. http://benarty.org.uk/gallery3/index.php/Recently-Added/
    Most of these photos come from John Ross, formally of Kirkland Park, Ballingry so thank you John.
    If any of you have any old photos you’d like to share with others on the website please get in touch as I can scan photos you have or you can email them to me but get in touch and we’ll work something out. You can get in touch with me using the contact button on the website.

  • Changes and Additions

    If you have visited the BHPG website recently you may have noticed the video gallery wasn’t working properly as a result I have changed the video player and the videos now work fine. I have also added two new videos, Ballingry, Lochore and Crosshill Children’s Gala 1955 and a video of the Queen visiting the Lurgi Gas Plant.
    I hope you enjoy viewing these new additions and if you have any suggestions or comment please get in touch.
    Many thanks

  • New Additions to BHPG Website


    13 editions of the Cowdenbeath & Kelty Echo from 1900 have been added to the website and can be viewed by going to the menu button ‘A Wee Keek Back’ and then selecting Cowdenbeath & Kelty Echo Test Pages then select the edition you require.

    These few digitised copies from the reels of 35mm Microfilms of this newspaper have been added to this site as an experiment, to find out if these PDF files are easily viewed by the people using this site.

    Unfortunately, they are not searchable, but the reader should be able to browse them without any problem.  Just as you would be able to browse the 35mm reels of microfilm held in the Dunfermline Central Library, by using their Microfilm Reader.

    The thinking is that if this exercise/experiment does prove to be successful, it would therefore be a heck of a lot more convenient (and comfortable) for people to use this system of viewing the old newspapers than having to visit the Central Library in Dunfermline.

    I really do need, and respectfully ask for, your feedback and comments on how this wee exercise works out.

    If it works out OK, then I’ll put the rest of the pages of the West Fife Echo (and also The Dunfermline Journal) I have on this site, where they will be FREELY available to everyone and anyone with access to the internet.

    Jim Campbell