Contacting Issue

We have had a problem with our website’s contact page which has only come to light tonight.

When someone sends us a message using the contact page the message is automatically saved on the site and at the same time a message is sent to the administrator to say a new message has been received. The administrator would then deal with the message. Unfortunately we have not been receiving any indications that new messages have been received and subsequently messages have gone unnoticed and some unanswered.

The fault has now been rectified and the page is now working as it should however there are a lot of messages to go through and there may be a further delay before all messages are read and acted on. So please bear with us for a further short period as we endeavour to answer all messages.
If you have contacted us and you are expecting a reply and do not receive one within the next two weeks please contact us once more.
Once again we apologise for this and hope it did not cause anyone too much distress.

For this we sincerely apologise.